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Project Description
A .NET Framework 4.5 command line tool that supports HUDSON TFS Plugin with Visual Studio Online.

This project is currently setup to support VS Online TF access using Hudson.
Refer documentation on how to use it. If you are integrating the exe with hudson TFS plugin, it should take care of.
How to integrate with Hudson?

Goto "Manage Hudson->System Configurations"
Scroll to section "Team Foundation Server"
In the textbox for "TF Command Line Executable", provide the full path of "Pyramid.VsOnline.TfGet.Exe"
*When you configure job using Team foundation server plugin, make sure you expand the "Local Workfolder" by clicking the "Advanced" button.
There, replace the "." with full workfolder;serverUrl. example as below
Local Workfolder: d:\.hudson\testproject\workspace;

  • The tool is tested for VS Online Web Access Only.

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